Boarding Information

SEC follows a seasonal turnout schedule. During late spring through early fall, all horses are in their stalls with fans during the heat of the day (8am-4pm) and turned out overnight. The winter schedule is reversed so the horses are turned out during the day and inside at night. We want the horses to be outside as much as possible. 
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More information about each boarding option SEC has to offer:

Arena Barn

$680 per month
26 Stall Barn with attached Indoor Arena
(leveled and updated footing Jan '21)

Read more about the Arena Barn


Red Barn (Geldings Only)
$630 per month
9 Stall Barn

Read more about the Red Barn


Shed Barn (Geldings only)
$580 per month

4 Stall Barn attached to the Red Barn

Read more about the Shed Barn