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Testimonials from Current Boarders

"I started boarding my horses at Stonebridge (then known as Union Ridge) in 2006. The same wonderful contractors running the farm have been there throughout that entire time and are a pleasure to work with. My horses are the happiest at Stonebridge of any place we have ever been, and I have the greatest peace of mind. It’s just right for a horse’s mental outlook – schedules are consistent, and there’s plenty of turn-out time in large, rolling fields where they can have a first-rate run or just relax and hang out being a horse. The multiple barns on the property offer lots of flexibility. My horse with COPD issues thrives in the airy paddock barn, while my daughter has enjoyed the arena barn with direct access to the indoor ring. And for the horse that doesn’t do well on stall board, the silo barn offers a private stall for individual feedings morning and evening with turnout the remaining 23 hours of the day. In addition to the jumping ring, dressage ring and indoor arena, there is direct access to Manassas Battlefield trails. I enthusiastically recommend it!" - Suzanne P.

"Stonebridge has everything you can ask of a barn in Fairfax County - attentive contractors, indoor arena, two lighted outdoor arenas, direct access to the Manassas Battlefield trails, plenty of turnout, jumps, trailer parking, and friendly boarders.  Lex is hands-down the most responsive manager I've ever dealt with, and "the guys" make sure the horses are fed and stalls mucked even in the worst blizzards. I can't imagine wanting to keep my horse anywhere else." - Jeannie

"Thanks, Stonebridge! My pony has been with you for six years! Time really flies when I know he gets great care! I sometimes have to be away for up to a week or 10 days and I know that the contractors will be looking out for the pony."  - Christy S.

"I have owned and leased horses at various barns in the Manassas area for nearly three decades and Stonebridge is by far the best. The facilities are top notch and well maintained, the boarders are always willing to help each other out, and Lex and the staff are knowledgeable and dedicated. As an avid trail rider, the access Stonebridge provides to Manassas National Battlefield Park’s stunning and varied terrain is an absolute gift. Stonebridge is able to meet the needs of everyone from serious competitors to weekend wanderers in a friendly, low-drama atmosphere complete with huge turnout fields and gorgeous surroundings. Five stars, Stonebridge!" - Nelli

"I have boarded horses at Stonebridge for years now and cannot speak more highly of it. There is not a boarding facility in the DC Metro area that offers better living conditions for your horse or better riding facilities for you. There is a large amount of beautiful turnout, consistent turnout schedules, and an excellent level of care / barn management.  I am never worried my horse is not looked after by the contractors if I am out of town. The workers treat all the horses as if they were their own. The riding facilities are fantastic with a large lighted outdoor ring and adjacent dressage ring, indoor ring, unfenced hills and access to the battlefield for hours of trail riding that you can't beat this close to the DC Metro area. I have nothing but good things to say and absolutely zero complaints.

All the horses are happy and have a great life at Stonebridge."  - Danielle

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