Frequently Asked Questions

Stonebridge Equestrian Center at Bull Run is a private facility for horse owners/boarders only. We hope this list answers most of your questions. If not, contact us!


Boarder Questions:


Q: How do you split the turn out?

A: SEC splits mares and geldings into different fields.

Q: What is your turn out schedule?

A: In the warmer season, the horses are inside during the hottest hours and out overnight. In the colder season the horses are out during the day and inside overnight.

Q: Do you have an in-house trainer?

A: SEC allows boarders to bring in their own coaches! All we ask is that they have insurance and list us on their policy. Ask our Barn Manager for more details. 

Q: Do you have trailer parking?

A: Yes! 

Q: Do you offer a discount for boarders with multiple horses?

A: Yes! We offer 10% off for boarders with multiple horses.

Q: Can I use my own vendors (farrier, vet, dentist, etc.)?

A: Yes! You can use whomever you like. Many boarders do use similar vets, equine dentist and farriers. This allows shared vet farm call fees and seasonal group clinics (shots and dental) to save money and scheduling hassles. Absolutely not required though.

Q: Do you have a deworming program?

A: Yes! We have boarders deworm their horses on a fecal based, vet monitored rotating schedule.


Q: What vaccinations do you require?

A: We require a current Coggins, Rabies, Potomac Horse Fever, Flu/Rhino, EWT, West Nile, Strangles and Botulism.

Q: Do you quarantine new horses?

A: It depends on the horse's history and location. We take introducing new horses to our herds seriously. Our Barn Manager will customize a plan after speaking with you.

Q: My horse needs special meds/supplements added to feed, can you do that?

A: Yes! If boarders supply the item, we can give whatever is needed with morning and evening feed. Talk with our Barn Manager about your horse's needs.

Q: Do you offer blanketing services?

A: Not currently. Our fantastic boarders help each other out when needed during blanket season.

Q: Does the neighboring winery offer boarders a discount?

A: Yes! The Winery at Bull Run offers SEC boarders 10% off of purchases.

Q: Do you have horse shows on site?

A: Not currently.

Q: Do your boarders go to shows?

A: Yes! Some of boarders have gone to dressage, working equitation, eventing, combined tests, judged pleasure rides, hunter, jumper, breed specific shows and other events. The great thing about SEC is, there is no pressure to be competitive. If you do show, other boarders might join you or come to just cheer you on!

 - More coming soon! - 

Non-boarder Questions

Q: Do you offer riding lessons?

A: We do not offer public lessons. We do not have a lesson program with horses the public can ride. There are many facilities in the area that offer this service. Please try our neighbors, The Mulford Riding School


Q: Do you offer public trail riding/rent a horse?

A: We do not offer public trail rides. We do not have horses for public use. Please try our neighbors, The Mulford Riding School


Q: Do you offer birthday parties, summer camps or other events?

A: We do not rent out our facility for public use. There are many facilities in the area that offer these tyoes of services. Please try our neighbors, The Mulford Riding School


Q: Do you need barn volunteers or exercise riders?

A: We do not have volunteer, working student or exercise rider programs. Try posting a free ad on Virginia Equestrian.


Q: Do you allow photographers to come and take photos of the horses?

A: Individual boarders can bring out photographers for their own horses only. Barn management does not allow photographers on site to randomly take photos of the horses or the property.

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